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The Fatigue Test

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Our Fatigue blood test is a comprehensive and personalised assessment designed to identify the underlying causes of fatigue.

Biomarkers included   
   Vitamin D3
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According to the Royal Society for Public Health, fatigue is one of the most common health complaints in the UK, with around 74% of adults reporting that they feel tired or fatigued often or all the time. If you’re feeling constantly tired or fatigued, this Fatigue Blood Test can help identify potential underlying causes.

Tests included:

  • TSH
  • Vitamin D3
  • Ferritin

Full Blood Count (FBC) measures the levels of different types of blood cells in your body. Low levels of red blood cells (anaemia) can cause tiredness, weakness, and shortness of breath.

Ferritin is a protein that stores iron in your body. Low levels of ferritin can cause iron deficiency anaemia, which can cause fatigue, weakness, and dizziness.

TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) is produced by the pituitary gland and stimulates the thyroid gland to produce thyroid hormones. Low thyroid hormone levels (hypothyroidism) can cause tiredness, weight gain, and depression.

Vitamin D3 is a nutrient that helps your body absorb calcium and maintain healthy bones. Low levels of Vitamin D3 can cause fatigue, muscle weakness, and bone pain.

This test is recommended for anyone who is experiencing persistent tiredness. It’s also recommended for people who have risk factors for these conditions, such as a family history of thyroid disease or a vegetarian/vegan diet (which can be low in iron).

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What does the test do?

There are many potential reasons why you might be feeling tired. Some common causes include not getting enough sleep, stress and anxiety, a sedentary lifestyle, and poor nutrition. Other possible causes of fatigue include underlying medical conditions such as anaemia, hypothyroidism, diabetes, and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). Certain medications can also cause fatigue as a side effect.

What sort of symptoms might you have?

Chronic tiredness, pale appearance, low energy levels, depression, brittle nails, unhealthy hair, weight gain, intolerance to cold, constipation, recurrent infections, and low immunity.

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