Welcome to our Well Person Clinic

A haven of comprehensive health assessments tailored to embrace your overall well-being.

What it is

Our Well Person Clinic is a dedicated space where individuals of all walks of life can proactively monitor their health. It’s not just about treating illness; it’s about empowering you with a complete snapshot of your health to make informed life choices.

Who it’s for

Our clinic is for everyone – from busy professionals seeking a health refresh to individuals keen on understanding their health baseline. It’s designed for proactive souls ready to embark on a journey towards better health.

How It’s done

With personalised attention, our experienced doctors conduct a range of tests to comprehensively evaluate your health status. From blood tests to in-depth consultations, we leave no stone unturned in understanding your unique health needs.

What It Includes

Our Well Person Clinic packages include a series of thorough tests, doctor consultations, and in-depth health insights. From cholesterol levels to vitamin deficiencies, our assessments cover a wide spectrum of health aspects.

What does Men’s/Women’s Health MOT blood test include?

How Much Is It

Your wellness investment starts at £499.

This covers the premium assessment as described above. It’s an invaluable step towards understanding and optimizing your health journey. You can opt-in for additional services like cancer genetic tests, allergy tests, dietician appointments etc.

Don’t wait for signs of illness. Embark on a wellness adventure today. Welcome to Rainbow Labs’ Well Person Clinic!

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